Sports Policy

As captain for the 2nd University Volleyball team I have first-hand experience I know how much potential there is for sport in Cambridge. DSC_0827

Ospreys and Hawks Clubs do a great job at creating supportive communities for elite athletes at Cambridge. Yet, due to their restricted membership they lack the mandate to effectively represent sportspeople at all levels. CUSU is best placed to take this up, yet, has been silent for years on this. I will change this.

I will set up an informal committee with representatives from a wide range of sports at College and University levels to discuss common issues and identify solutions in cooperation with the University sports administration which can then be fed back to the University’s sports committee.

Here’s a list of examples the committee could look at:

  • Make Wednesday afternoons as free from commitments as possible to allow University-level athletes to compete at BUCS
  • Further reduce University Sports Centre charges during times at which there is little court usage
  • Produce a database of sports facilities in Cambridge to help clubs navigate the maize
  • Negotiate with Colleges to increase the sharing of facilities
  • Create a priority list for facilities with the greatest demand (e.g. Beach Volleyball Court)