A vote for Cornelius is a vote for a graduate friendly CUSU that collaborates closely with the GU

In the light of the recent controversy around the future of the Graduate Union (GU) fuelled by a University review into the future of graduate representation, I pledge to be a full supporter of the GU.

As I made clear on University Council, when the topic was debated, graduates are very different from undergraduates in their needs and preferences and the existence of a separate GU ensure that these important voices don’t get lost in loud undergraduate debates.

I have good working relationships with and knowledge of the GU which will enable me to work effectively on collaborations, providing further joint services that benefit all students: graduates and undergraduates alike.

As a fourth year student who socialises actively with graduates at Trinity and has worked closely with  Trinity’s MCR, I have a solid understanding of what matters to graduates and how CUSU could be of use to them.