Due to CUSU’s election rules, I’m not allowed to reveal the surnames of people who’ve made statements about me (it’s not that they don’t want to be associated with me, they happily published on facebook).

In addition to personal endorsements, I’ve received an endorsement from Blue Specs as well, check it out here.

Edit 2/3/16, 3pm: Since it is against Election rules to be endorsed by media, I have contacted the Editor to ask for it to be removed.



Response to the recent smear campaign against me:



Further comments I’ve received via email or the contact form:

“Articles like “Am I CUSU’s Trump” are too defensive, in my opinion. You don’t need to defend yourself against BS remarks in the Tab (and the Tab is a whole story in itself, their articles are mostly downright idiotic). In fact, you could look at Trump – he’s probably the most attacked candidate in history, and his popularity only grows with time. Needless to say, he doesn’t spend too much time on the defense, even though his remarks about immigration, ISIS, Mexico, whatever, would’ve buried any other candidate months ago. Also, no need to call out Trump on anything in that post, it can only alienate Trump’s supporters in Cambridge; I don’t see anyone suddenly voting for you because you listed Trump’s negative aspects. If you do want to attack someone, attack a candidate for CUSU president (with justification, of course). Just reading the manifestos makes me not want to vote for [another candidate] any day of the week, for example. Good luck, -D”