Why grads should vote for CUSU’s President and vote for me in particular

There’s a general conception that CUSU is irrelevant to graduate students. Many believe wrongly that they’re not eligible to vote, and even if they think they are they don’t see the point as CUSU is so pre-occupied with undergrads. While it is true that CUSU has been focused mostly on undergrads in the past, it doesn’t mean that who’s CUSU President doesn’t matter to grads.

CUSU has the strategic aim to take over the Graduate Union (GU). In the past year there’s been a lot of friction between CUSU and the GU and this has been incredibly harmful to the GU not the least because it meant it had to spend most of its time on defending itself.

In short, while CUSU’s focus is on undergrads and will stay so, CUSU’s attitude towards graduates matters for graduates.

I am the only candidate with a clear policy for graduates. As an associate member of my College’s MCR I know a lot of grad students and know what they care about. I will listen to MCRs as much as JCRs when making policy for CUSU. I don’t forget that MCRs and graduates are members of CUSU.

Even if you don’t think you’ll need CUSU in the future, bear in mind that CUSU has the potential to harm graduate representation. A grad-friendly CUSU President will make a definite difference to graduates. It is for this reason that I ask graduate students to vote for me.




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