Number of Candidates’ mentions on Tab blog

Update on 29/2/16 at 6pm

As everyone following the CUSU presidential elections will know, the Tab’s liveblog is THE public forum for election coverage, completely unparalleled (if there’s another commentary, please, please tell me!). It’s got its flaws for sure, but hey, it’s definitely better than nothing and means at least someone reads this website.

I thought it’d be interesting to compare how often the four candidates were mentioned on the page, including the comments. Lo and behold, here are the results (Tab, feel free to quote):

  1. Cornelius Roemer (36 mentions)
  2. Another candidate (20 mentions)
  3. Another candidate (14 mentions)
  4. Another candidate (13 mentions)

Let’s see whether the saying “Any publicity is good publicity”holds true in this case. The result will be out by Thursday 7pm.

Edit 29/2/16 4.20pm: Elections Committee (EC) ruled that my mentioning of other candidates’ names is against election rules. I have thus deleted the names and replaced them with “other candidate”, this was cleared with EC. You can find the names out by simply doing Ctrl+f and entering the names: Angus, Amatey and John.



One thought on “Number of Candidates’ mentions on Tab blog

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