Recent allegations in the student press

I will release a full statement on the recent allegations in the student press in due course.

The composition of the old TCSU committee was as follows:

Full Executive

President: Cornelius Roemer
Vice President: Kshitij Sabnis
Secretary: Harriet Gordon
Treasurer: Charlotte Grace
Ents: Michael Askins
Access: Caitlin de Jode
Female Welfare: Lauren Brown
Male Welfare: Jack Harding
Overseas Welfare: Xavier Bisits (Editor of the Tab, Lent 2016)
Junior Steward: Marios Michael
Computing: Martin Freimueller (current TCSU President)
Environmental & Domestic: Nicholas Wong

Welfare Sub-committee

LGBT: Mimi Trevelyan-Davis
BME: Sarah Lusack (supporter of another candidate’s campaign team)
Women’s: Beth Cloughton
Mental Health & Disabilities: Mary Harvey

Edit 29/2/16 4.20pm: Elections Committee (EC) ruled that my mentioning of a candidates name in this context is against the rules. I have thus deleted the explicit mention of  the name.


3 thoughts on “Recent allegations in the student press

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